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Find useful and functional bathing accessories to add to your bath experience.  Bath brushes, manicure sets, soap dishes, body scrubbers,  robes, slippers, towels, etc.
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Loofah Bath Brush
Loofah Bath Brush
Our Price: $8.95

This great extension allows you to reach the areas you want to scrub but cannot reach. You can also use the detachable loofah as a scrub all itself.

Manicure Set
Manicure Set
Our Price: $14.00

This little convenient set incudes nail clippers, nail file, nail scissors and tweezers. Comes inside a small pouch, ready for travel. Is also boxed when shipped.

Canvas pouch with snaps, tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and nail scissors

$14.00 ea. set
Bamboo Basics
Bamboo Basics
Our Price: $15.00

A useful gift, this wooden bucket contains a sisal bath mitt, wooden mirror, wooden nail brush, wooden brush

$15 set

Chrome Soap Dish
Chrome Soap Dish
Our Price: $16.00

It is very important for the life of your soap, to keep your soap from sitting in a dish full of water. this will only soften your soap and allow it to get soggy and you will not get the full use of your soap. Making sure that your soap sits where it is allowed to dry and harden is key. this two piece dish allows the water to drain from your soap and rest beneath.

Two piece, chrome dish

Aqua Polka Dot Women's Wrap
Aqua Polka Dot Women's Wrap
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $23.99
Savings: $5.96

Its getting warmer and warmer these summer mornings. Sometimes too hot to even wear a robe after the morning shower. So buy a bath & shower wrap, feel a little more comfortable around the house or pool than to be totally covered up in this heat.